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Comment sensibiliser les hommes sur le genre

mardi 26 septembre 2006

Le manuel en anglais "Working with Men on Gender, Sexuality, Violence and Health : Trainer’s Manual" donne des indications pratiques aux animateurs de groupes d’hommes sur les thèmes genre, sexualité, santé et violence.

This manual, developed in India over a series of workshops involving four organisations (KRITI, EKLAVYA, SAHAJ and Tathapi Trust), serves as a resource for those who work with different groups of men on issues of gender, sexuality and health. The manual is designed for facilitators with some participatory training experience and was designed to explore these issues from a social justice and equity perspective through a ’male centered’ approach. The manual covers six modules that can be used as a series of workshops. The six modules cover : equity and equality, gender, sexuality, health, violence and facilitation skills. Each module has several session outlines with the learning objectives spelt out as well as notes for he facilitator, handouts and references for further reading for participants, exercises, case studies.

Access the full text manual at :
Published by : SAHOJ, SAHAYOG and TATHAPI ; April 2005 [via Eldis]

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