Will Janssen

Fondation Doen

Team and Programme Manager

Van Eeghenstraat 70, 1070 AP Amsterdam

Objectifs :

La Fondation DOEN se consacre à la promotion du développement international par la transformation durable. Elle adopte une approche dynamique et créative du développement international en combinant divers vecteurs et instruments.

Actions financées :

DOEN Foundation strives for a liveable world. The foundation focuses mainly on initiatives that have a strong business base and a clear social component. Moreover, sustainability and innovation are of paramount importance. The foundation supports both small and large projects, programmes and organisations, and strongly emphasises the self-activation and independence of the people and organisations steering the initiatives. DOEN Foundation prefers to support those initiatives that seek to preserve as much as possible the social freedom, dynamism and cultural identity of those involved.—DOEN’s primary focus in the area of Sustainable Development consists of social-cultural aspects (’people’), economic aspects (’profit’) and ecological aspects (’planet’). DOEN Foundation created the following programs that represent all aspects :- • Financial Sector Development- • Production & Consumption- • Culture & Media- • Climate & Energy- • Economic and Social Human Rights Programme

Critères d’octroi :

% pris en charge :

Engagement financier minimum :

Engagement financier maximum :

FréquencesAO :

Voir en ligne : http://www.doen.nl/web/show/id=44928


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