Karin Frölich

Heinrich Böll Fondation - Glow Feminist Institute (by Anna Gyorgy)agyorgy@wloe.org

Assistant Feminist Institute director , Giti Henschel

Hackesche Höfe/ Rosenthaler Strasse 40/41/ 10178 Berlin

Objectifs :

The Foundation’s primary objective is to support political education both within Germany and abroad, thus promoting democratic involvement, socio-political activism, and cross-cultural understanding. The Foundation also provides support for art and culture, science and research, and developmental co-operation. Its activities are guided by the fundamental political values of ecology, democracy, solidarity, and non-violence.-the Foundation provides encouragement and support to groups and individuals living up to the responsibility of shaping a more peaceful world, of protecting the environment, and of promoting respect for human rights throughout the world.

Actions financées :

The Foundation also supports research into the mechanisms of this century’s two German dictatorships, thus paving the road for a sustainable democratic future.—The Foundation promotes a vision of a democratic society open to immigrants and places particular importance on attaining gender democracy - signifying a relationship between the sexes characterised by freedom from dependence and dominance. These collective tasks are significant aspects of both the Foundation’s internal structure and public activities.

Critères d’octroi :

- the Foundation promotes international understanding by funding seminars and studies abroad ;— the Foundation co-operates with its affiliated state foundations (one in every federal state of Germany) and makes general funds available to them for their decentralised political education activities.

% pris en charge :

Engagement financier minimum :

Engagement financier maximum :

FréquencesAO :

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