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Site en anglais pour chercheur-se-s juniors et étudiant-e-s en genre

samedi 30 septembre 2006

Un réseau pour permettre l’échange entre les jeunes chercheur-se-s en genre - en anglais, please.

Attention all Scholars of Gender and Women’s Studies : Get Online !!!

The WeAVE network is pleased to announce the launch of its website, which can now be found at

WeAVE is a European women’s and gender studies network for students, postgraduate students, PhDs, post-doc researchers, and junior teachers. The main the aim is to network, to get gender and women’s studies students talking, communicating, and sharing many different forms of feminist knowledge.

The website provides such a platform, containing as it does a forum with discussion rooms, as well as a chat facility for registered members. There is also a search facility on the site which allows members to search for others who may be involved or interested in similar research areas. Registration is now available on the homepage of the WeAVE website.

The WeAVE website also operates as an information portal, with detailed listings of current news and events, online links to women’s studies institutions, associations, and online resources. A unique feature to the site is the "Whereabouts" page, which allows for meetings between members to be organised when on study travel or attending conferences anywhere in Europe.

The name WeAVE incorporates two thematic lines which define our network organisation. The image of weaving refers to the connectivity and interaction which WeAVE aims to create. Similarly, the WAVE capitalised in the title points towards a new third wave feminist generation, the future of European gender studies.

Welcome to WeAVE, please log on and have a chat - !!


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