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Carolina Poggio

Swedish Development Agency - Sida

jeudi 7 février 2008

Valhallavägen 199 105 25 Stockholm

Objectifs :

Today, working with gender equality is part of all Sida’s work to reduce poverty.

Actions financées :

EQUALITY AND POVERTY REDUCTION -Gender equality strengthens Sida’s efforts to achieve poverty reduction. Sida -should thereforealways ensurethat women and men have equal access to and -benefit equally from its work. -EQUALITY AND DEMOCRATIC DEVELOPMENT -Gender equality is crucial for achieving sustainable democratic development. Sida -should thereforepromote equal rights to, and participation in, political, economic, -religious and social life and decision-making for women and men, girls and boys. -Sida should actively combat gender discrimination. -EQUALITY AND POWER STRUCTURES -Power structures are fundamental for working towards equality between women -and men, girls and boys. Sida should therefore take into account and act upon -unequal power relations between and among women and men. -EQUALITY AND GENDER RELATIONS -Gender equality is about the relationship between women and men, girls and -boys. Development is about creating and supporting processes through which -human beings areable to realise their full potential. Gender stereotypes often -block this process, for men as much as for women. Differences between soci- -eties should be taken into consideration in Sida’s work, although Sida should -always base its efforts on the universal declaration of human rights. -EQUAL ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY -Equal opportunity for all is fundamental to achieving sustainable and democratic -development and pro-poor growth. Sida should always contribute to removing -constraints on the full participation of women and girls in the economy, regard- -less of whether these constraints arebased on social norms, religious values or -legal practices. —pays :{{{Critères d’octroi :

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