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Anna Turley

WACC (World Association for Christian Communication – programme genre)

WACC Women’s Programme Coordinator

jeudi 7 février 2008

308 Main Street M4C 4X7 Toronto-Ontario

Objectifs :

The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) promotes communication for social change. It believes that communication is a basic human right that defines people’s common humanity, strengthens cultures, enables participation, creates community, and challenges tyranny and oppression. WACC’s key concerns are media diversity, equal and affordable access to communication and knowledge, media and gender justice, and the relationship between communication and power. It tackles these through advocacy, education, training, and the creation and sharing of knowledge.—The Women’s Programme advocates full and equal participation of women in public communication so that it is enriched by women’s distinctive needs, insights and experiences. In other words it is directly linked to the principle of democratisation and the right to communicate.—

Actions financées :

Based on this belief, WACC’s general aims are :- • to promote democratic forms of communication which encourage dialogue and debate, enhance people’s creativity and solidarity, and respond to people’s needs.- • to contribute towards building a communications environment that is open to all and founded on respect for human dignity.- • to support processes that lead to the democratisation of the mass media including advocacy, reflection, policy development, and networking.- • to implement communication programmes and to support projects that lead to the empowerment of people, especially the dispossessed and marginalised, indigenous peoples, refugees, migrants, women, children and people with disabilities.

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